HTML 5 Course

HTML 5 Course is the free online course which provides an in-depth look at mastering the art of HTML coding: the syntax and best practices for writing and editing your HTML code. HTML is a language that powers the whole Internet. By learning how to use this language effectively, you can not only design simple websites but also develop complex web applications. This HTML Web Designing Course will teach you to learn how to write and edit an HTML code and fundamental coding practices that are used by professionals. Do not skip any part of this course until you are 100% sure about how it is performed.

Topics Covered:
Introduction to HTML & HTML5
HTML Create Basic
HTML Saving-Files
HTML Nesting
HTML Colors
HTML Editors
HTML Site Nav
HTML Link Targets
HTML Images
HTML Comments Tag
HTML Meta Tags
HTML Audio Tag
HTML Video Tag
HTML Ordered Lists
HTML Unordered Lists
HTML hr Tag
HTML Validation