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Facebook Remarketing Course

Topics Covered: 1. Introduction to Facebook Remarketing Course 2. What is Facebook Remarketing? 3. Why is Facebook Remarketing? 4. Are Business using Facebook remarketing? 5. Facebook Marketing the right way 6. Creating an Ad 7. Tracking & Optimization 8. Facebook Marketing Power Tools 9. Facebook Remarketing Tips 10. Remarketing Case…

Lead Generation Mastery

Topics Covered: 1. Introduction to Lead Generation Mastery 2. How To Create Your ‘Bribe’ Offer 3. How To Create A High Converting Landing Page 4. How To Write Your Follow-Up Emails 5. Buying Email Solo Ads 6. Generating Leads From Facebook 7. Ad Swaps 8. Using Google Adwords To Generate…

WhatsApp Marketing

Our Free Whatsapp Marketing Online course enables you to learn the marketing techniques needed to enjoy more customers, more sales and ultimately, more profits for your business. Get Instant Access to Whatsapp Marketing Course and learn how to use Whatsapp to communicate better-using texts, images, audio, and video, Increase audience engagement,…

Retargeting Conversions Blueprint

Free Retargeting Conversions Blueprint Course Online. Learn how to professionally convert your websites window shoppers into buyers with our free online Course. Topics Covered: 1. Introduction to Retargeting 2. Retargeting Frequency 3. How to Increase Your Conversions 4. Frontline Retargeting Strategy 5. Deep Funnel Retargeting Strategy 6. AD Creatives 7.…

Social Media Marketing Authority

Free Social Media Marketing Authority Online Course. Learn how to dominate your industry and become the authority in your field and gain trust with our free course. Topics Covered: 1. 3 Big Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid 2. 5 Types of Posts That Get High Responses On Social Media…

Tumblr Course

Topics Covered: 1. Introduction to Tumblr Marketing 2. What’s a Tumblr Blog? 3. Steps to Tumblr Marketing Success 4. Create your Blog – Focus on your Business Details 5. Customize your Blog – Be professional 6. Create the about page – So people may trust you 7. Posting – Getting…

Webinar Training

Free Webinar Marketing Course Online. Learn how marketers increase their profits while skyrocketing conversions and engaging the customer base with the webinar course. Topics Covered: 1. Introduction to Webinar Marketing 2. What a webinar is all about 3. Why you should definitely use Webinars for your Business today 4. Top…

Pinterest Marketing

Free Pinterest marketing Course Online. This Pinterest Marketing Training can help you to generate unlimited free, targeted traffic as soon as today. Enroll Now Topics Covered: 1. Why is Pinterest So Powerful 2. Pinterest 101 3. Marketing With Pinterest Building Your Brand 4. The Pinterest Interface in Detail 5. Pinterest…

Mobile Marketing

Free online mobile marketing course. Learn how to quickly and easily reach your customers through mobile marketing without worrying whether it will get to your customers or not…starting today. Mobile marketing is easy to set up without the technical knowledge. It helps you build a relationship with your customers and…